Nadège: ‘Meilandjes help has been staged’

Nadège’s behavior in Chateau Meiland has caused quite a stir. The family wanted to leave their housekeeper well and looked for a home for Nadège, but nothing turned out to be good enough for her. Now Nadège tells her side of the story and says that things are different …

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House hunting

It was a great disappointment for Nadège when she heard that the Meilandjes were returning to the Netherlands. She had to stay behind in France, which was also difficult for the Meilandjes.

The family did not want to leave their housekeeper to their own devices and started looking for a good place for her to live. The episodes showed how the family proposed different apartments, but nothing turned out to be good enough for Nadège.

Her demands seemed impossible and Nadège rejected one beautiful apartment after another. Even when the Meilandjes proposed to help pay for the rent and have a new kitchen installed for her, Nadège was not satisfied.

Viewers responded in amazement, calling the housekeeper extremely ungrateful. Now Nadège responds to all the fuss for the first time.


Viewers amazed at the ingratitude in Chateau Meiland


The Frenchwoman reacts for the first time to her ungrateful image. According to her, it turned out very differently than it was broadcast on TV.

She says that the departure of the family is still difficult for her. “I still have a lot of trouble with how everything turned out.”

According to Nadège, the noble deeds of the family have been completely staged to boost their image. She tells Privé her story.

“What has now been broadcast on television has already been recorded in April or May,” says Nadège. “I have never wanted to move out of my apartment, where I am comfortable. The search for a new house was fun on TV, ”

The housekeeper says the family’s generous offer to contribute to the rent was fake. “But it was never really the case that the Meiland family would help pay for a new house.”

Straighten up

Nadège finds it annoying that she was called ungrateful, because in her opinion this is unjustified. She says she had no intention of accepting the money at all.

“I wouldn’t want that either. The viewers now think I am ungrateful, but I have always said I want to stay where I am and not want to be dependent. It is a pity that it all ended so quickly because I had a great time, but, soi, so be it… ”

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