Nada Al Kamel’s Shocking Instagram Message and New Photos with Anaba – Updates on Relationship with Ahmed Al-Fishawy and Omar Kamal

The artist, Nada Al Kamel, sent a mysterious and shocking message to a person through her Instagram account.

Nada Al-Kamel wrote through the Story feature, using a copy of a song by Amr Diab: “Aywa Zeina Zeina Decor,” and the audience could not determine who she was referring to.

Nada Al-Kamel, freed from Ahmed Al-Fishawy, published a number of new photos through her Instagram account, and a number of tattoos appeared in separate places on her body, including a new tattoo.

Nada Al-Kamel published new photos through her account on the Instagram application, in which she appeared for the first time with festival performer Anaba.

Ahmed al-Fishawi’s free wife appeared in the pictures with Inaba, while they were strolling on the Nile Corniche, and commented on the pictures, saying: “Lots of love.”

Singer Omar Kamal revealed the truth about his relationship and his marriage project to Nada Al-Kamel, the divorced artist Ahmed Al-Fishawy, in his televised statements for the first time, explicitly.

Omar Kamal said in his statements about the nature of his relationship with Nada Al-Kamil, and the fact that their marriage project stopped: “Nada Al-Kamel is a very good and respectful person..and I have a very personal friendship with her..even if in general there is a marriage project between me and anyone. I will say to all people, come, honor me in my joy.”

And Omar Kamal went on to say that he currently refuses to talk about his private life, explaining: “When people entered my personal life, I am the reason.. My personal life has been ruined, and I want to leave it in limbo far away.”

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