Nack Charlie asks for a good job for a review after the past has been defrauding millions of money.

Nack Charlie asks for a good job for a review after the past has been defrauding millions of money.

Nac Charlie asked to choose a job. – On February 7 at THE ONE RESIDENCE HOTEL, a young actor Nack Chalee Trirat Come join the movie sacrifice “16 Mao 19 My True FRIENDS: THE BEGINNING” with an interview about Returning to receive more reviews After being cheated for millions from events With heart status updates

How was COVID? “I’m fine, but actually it’s not good in many ways. I think last year was my brewing year. Many many It’s a lot of bad things This year I think I want it to be better. “

But there are a lot of work in the last year “I think it missed us. I am a less enthusiastic person. Because we work ourselves When we all think by ourselves It is not like everyone else. Who has the team? It makes us not doing much work. Even though we are more fortunate than others With work coming in But we’re not all doing it. “

What event That makes me think it’s a brewing year for us. “(Laughs) It was really a lot. Last year, the motorcycle was overturned, cheated and couldn’t work. A lot of it. “

Is it getting better now? “Still don’t know Because it was just the beginning of the year (laughs), but it had passed the birthday. I wish you better. Amen “

What do we have to do next? Will I get the fee first? So as not to be cheated again “When I was cheated If it was someone else, it might have been hit and worked and worked, but I became lazy. We hit the whole movie and work, so we feel like I’m lazy to do anything. Which is a very wrong idea And the latter came to regret Why not rush to work “

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In total, how much did we get cheated? There are a lot of them, a million, the personal manager is not there. This year there are also people nearby to warn you. Because of the years I worked a lot I really talk about everything myself. And the work that almost didn’t get any money It is mostly events. Because it has to say how many days to get the money, when he asked, we forgot. Because we do many things We came to sit and think later, where he is good, try to say hello, ask, he answered us and like, hey … I haven’t really paid.

Do we not follow or do not receive money before going on stage? “No, I’m a workaholic. Finish work first Like a review We like to do it first, go down first to get paid. “

Nac Charlie asked to choose a job.

When encountering such a problem Would you like to have a manager to help you? “When I was young, there were many people trying to be with us. But it can’t live (laughs). It can’t be lived. Not a lot of us or anything But it is that we work very little People cannot live with. Do you do this work? Do you not do this work? We will not do it until he cannot stay. But this is not a problem

And how do you intend to adjust it this year? I want to work this year We already caught our way that we actually work at the best. Will be reviewers Because I try to make music and don’t have people listening (laugh), so I feel that Let’s work with this review. Or maybe it could be YouTube with him, because actually I have a lot to shoot. “

And about receiving money, how do we manage “May have received some money first Like everyone else he does Get it halfway. But I rarely do that. Because there is no team We used to have that problem. Half received. It makes us stress After receiving it and not thinking it in time, it can cause problems. Therefore felt that we asked for a job to see Do we think this one? Can we do it? Then we will do it. “

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And the amount it lost in millions How do we manage Actually, if anyone knows my life, hit a lot, hit a lot of things since childhood, then it might get used to it. I was cheated to do my house. We feel that we feel sorry for the technicians at Covid. We hired him to work a lot, he asked for a claim and then disappeared. We hurriedly took the Big Byte motorcycle to the shop that we know. Still being cheated Sold the car and didn’t give us the money. Have to go after each other

Nac Charlie asked to choose a job.

Why are we still Why not report I am a person like this I have a problem, I can’t report anything, ask if I’m angry, I’m not angry, I think everything we can’t blame anyone. It must blame us. We go pay all We don’t act like everyone else they pay in installments. There are contracts.

What did you say? “At first, my mother didn’t know We said that the technicians did that. Mom knows now, but she is kind, no matter what, mother is the same (laughs) “

Because knowing that we are people like this Do people keep coming in to cheat or not? “I’ve been like this since I was a kid and I hit a lot, but it’s me and so on (laughs)”

Are you scared? “Yes, sometimes I think that next time we won’t do this anymore But when the time comes, it really isn’t. “

Is your birthday this year giving yourself some gifts? “Did not do anything Stay home and eat only the things that people have sent Anything sent, then eat it all. But this year not many people sent Most of them are cakes, but actually sent anything, I really appreciate everyone. Everyone is very cute Really eat everything “

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Nac Charlie asked to choose a job.

How are you 28 years old? “Very early, I am 28 now. Today, we have met a lot of 15-17 years old boys and we are 28 (laughs)”

Back then, when I was a girlfriend, I think time flies? “When the chick was 9 years old, I think it was very fast, and by this time it was alternating. But before we came to the pile we were children We meet adults But now that we’ve come, we’re really the oldest in the heap, meeting the kids doesn’t feel good (laughs). The children pay homage to all of us. It is very fast, it will be 30 then “

Have some family plans? “Oh … no. I planned that I didn’t want to have it as long as possible. I feel like I still want to be with my parents. And still want to feed my animals Our life is difficult to take seriously with someone. But now I have some talk With this person But still don’t have a serious boyfriend (Will you be single for the rest of your life?) If people know me, they will not want to have children and do not want to marry. “

People who come in must be accepted, right? “Yes, if it can get the end, it must be in the forest (laughs). Ready to be in the forest together But still can’t find “

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