Nabilla very proud to be in Vogue Beauty “I will show it to my grandchildren”!

Nabilla unveiled her sublime photos for Vogue Beauty and admits on Snapchat to be very proud of this project. And intends to keep it for his son.

In her Snapchat stories, Nabilla reveals her beautiful photos for the magazine Vogue Beauty. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The star remains discreet on social networks

The pretty brunette shares everything to her fans on Snapchat. But what she adores most of all is show your daily life to your fans.

Lately, Milann’s mother has been asking a lot of questions. And she is more and more discreet on social networks.

And the fans are worried and that’s why she spoke up. Nabilla therefore responded to her fans who find that she no longer posts photos on Instagram.

She says: “In fact, it’s just that I take a step back. I think you noticed it. I have a lot of people who contact me for projects, lots of things. “

Nabilla is therefore very busy. Between his professional and family life, not easy to manage everything.

She also confides that she has been in the spotlight for more than 10 years. ” I arrive in a period when I need to think about myself and my family »She added.

Thomas Vergara’s wife therefore unveiled an adorable video of her son. Since her baby boy was born, the young woman shares her evolution with her fans.

But it was a very special moment that melted its subscribers. An adorable video of Milann dancing. About what provoke emotion with his mother. MCE TV tells you more.

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Nabilla very proud to be in Vogue Beauty “I will show it to my grandchildren”!

Nabilla is moved by her photos in Vogue

The beautiful Nabilla juggles professional projects and her family life. But there is a project that is really close to his heart.

The young woman received a stack of magazines at home. And not just any which since it appears in it.

It is therefore the supplement Vogue Beauty, which is in the Vogue Magazine classic. And the reality TV star is over the moon.

On Snapchat, she explains that she loved doing this photo shoot. And that she was honored to see her face on this blanket.

And it must be said that his photos are sublime. This is why Nabilla has decided to take several copies.

She explains : “I’m so proud I took plenty of it. I said to myself for later, I could watch this when I’m old. »

Nabilla therefore intends to give some to her loved ones but above all keep them as a souvenir. And to finish, the pretty brunette confides: ” I will show my grandchildren« .

The emotion can be heard in his voice. And one thing is for sure, her family and fans are very proud of her and its course.

For the moment, Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart is planning to stay in Dubai with her little family. And of pursue your dreams by realizing all your projects.