Nabilla: Not so happy that she shows it on snapchat? She confides!

Nabilla Vergara is the most followed influencer on social networks. Remember, she was making a huge buzz thanks to her famous line No mais allo ?!, spoken on the show Les Anges. But, in addition to meeting success and fame in this program, Nabilla also got to know her husband Thomas Vergara. Between the two candidates it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, everything was not all rosy between them. Remember, during an argument with her companion, Nabilla grabbed a knife and seriously injured Thomas with it. Subsequently the young woman found herself in prison. In the midst of a bad buzz, Nabilla was forbidden to speak and see Thomas. But, despite all their hardships, the couple is now more united and accomplice than ever. By the way, if you want to know more about the intimacy of the Vergara, you can watch their series broadcast on Amazon Prime.

Nabilla: Everything is not always all rosy in her life!

Since the broadcast of his series on Amazon, Nabilla is very moved by the messages she receives from her subscribers. Indeed, many fans have discovered a new face of the influencer. Moreover, in a video posted on her Snapchat account, the star of social networks explains: ” For three days we have received tens of thousands of messages (…) we have all your feedback on the document (…) we have shown things that are not necessarily easy for us ! »

Then Nabilla adds: ” We promised ourselves not to watch the report (…) these are aspects of our life that we are not used to showing (…) we do not regret (…) I have always had support from your part (…) I pretend all the time that I am the queen, the best. But I too am a human and sometimes I feel very lonely (…) my life is not that perfect (…) there is not only success, there is also what there is behind (…) everyone has problems (…) I experienced things that were very difficult ! At Nextplz we loved the Nabilla documentary series. And you ?


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