Na Gyeong-won “Sharing awareness with Rep. Kim Ki-hyun”… de facto declaration of support

After lunch together, “A role to win the general election”
Kim “I will share many opinions and seek advice”
On Facebook, “An, do you think there are no spies?”
Cheol-soo Ahn “Proves his thoughts by unifying the presidential election”

▲ People’s Power Party leader Kim Ki-hyun (right) and former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, who is in stealth after declaring that he will not run, shake hands with me after meeting at a restaurant in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 7th. Reporter Hong Yoon-ki

On the 7th, former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, in effect, declared support for Congressman Kim Ki-hyun.

After a luncheon with Congressman Kim at a restaurant in Jung-gu, Seoul, former Congressman Na met with reporters and said, “It is very unfortunate that it seems to be turning into a division convention.” We talked enough (with Congressman Kim) about compassion and loyalty and shared a lot of perceptions,” he said. Rep. Kim said, “I will share more opinions with former Congressman Na and seek advice for the success of the Yoon Seok-yeol government and a landslide victory in the general election next year.”

On the 25th of last month, former lawmaker Na announced that she would not run for office and said, “There is no space for me to play any role in the future party convention.” When asked if the position has changed, former lawmaker Na replied, “I would like to say that I share a lot of perceptions, and it is a difficult time and there is a lot of work to do.” Rep. Kim, following his home in Seoul on the 3rd and the trip to Gangneung on the 5th, became virtually solidarity with former lawmaker Na at the end of the ‘three highs and lows’ on this day.

Rep. Jang Je-won, who sent a gesture of reconciliation to former lawmaker Na the day before, praised it as “a really good thing, thinking it would give the people and party members a sense of stability.” On the other hand, lawyer Cheon Ha-ram, who is the party leader, said, “It seems to be ignoring the voters. These days, voters do not move just because politicians move,” he said, devaluing, saying, “I think there is a high possibility of facing a headwind rather than a plus.”

In the midst of this, Rep. Kim and Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo continued their war of nerves. Rep. Kim said on Facebook, “I ask Candidate Ahn. Does he still think there are no spies? Is Shin Young-bok a respected intellectual?” After the vision presentation, Rep. Ahn said, “Didn’t you contribute to the regime change by unifying the candidate with President Yoon? I think that has proven my thoughts.” Rep. Ahn raised his head after the conflict with the president’s office and said, “Have you seen the resignation of the first-place candidate?” I want them to fight together until the end.”

On the other hand, former CEO Lee Jun-seok criticized the ‘controversy over party affairs intervention’ on SBS radio that day, saying, “A person who should not have participated in the party convention, the president, has appeared.” Former CEO Lee pointed out, “The president’s office said, ‘I paid 3 million won for the party, but can we talk about it?

Reporter Lee Min-young

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