N-VA politicians Peter De Roover (59) and Els van Doesburg (32) engaged: «Everything is so much more beautiful with him» (photos)

On Sunday morning, Els Van Doesburg and Peter De Roover each announced their love for each other via an Instagram post with two romantic photos in which they hug each other closely. “Everything is so much more beautiful with him. Extraordinary for ever and ever», wrote the Antwerp alderman of Wonen van Doesburg. She added another telling emoji of a ring.

A post shared by Els van Doesburg (@elsvandoesburg)

Peter De Roover says that he was «never a man of few words», but «then the most beautiful dialogue turns out to be so short: YES? YES!”. He concluded delicately with «What I tell you about this romance; Honi soit qui mal y pense», or «shame on those who think badly of this». With this he probably covers himself for criticism on, among other things, the striking age difference between the two.

The Flemish nationalist Van Doesburg has been unexpectedly ships in Antwerp since the beginning of June, following Fons Duchateau. She started her career in politics as an intern at Zuhal Demir (N-VA) and as a columnist for the right-wing online magazine doorbreak.be. Later she went to work for Peter De Roover. During that period, the two would have worked closely together and a unique love bond was created.



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