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Myth No. 2

The National Defense Service is not necessary because we have a professional army and Latvia is a member of NATO.


Latvia needs to do everything in order to reach the maximum of its defense capabilities.

Yes, the combat capability of the National Armed Forces is high. The training, equipment and morale of Latvian soldiers meet the highest standards, and our country is part of the strongest military alliance in world history. And since the Russian attack in Ukraine, NATO countries have demonstrated unshakable unity and readiness to defend Latvia.

But Russia’s inhumane strategy in the war against Ukraine means that Latvia must do everything to reach the maximum of our defense capabilities, regardless of how large the number of allies are in Latvia and how quickly the allied reinforcements arrive. Currently, the only obstacle to building Latvia’s defense capabilities is the numerical amount of personnel.

Myth No. 3

The National Defense Service will only prepare “cannon fodder”.


No, because citizens serving in the national defense service will be provided with the same training as in the professional service of the National Armed Forces and the National Guard. One of the cornerstones of the Latvian army is the attitude – the lives of soldiers are the highest value. The training of soldiers and the national defense strategy are designed in such a way that when defending Latvia, our enemy becomes “cannon fodder”.

Myth no. 4

Latvia cannot afford a high-quality national defense service.


The introduction of the National Defense Service is a gradual process. It is planned to enlist 1,000 soldiers in 2023, and the resources are fully sufficient for such an increase in personnel. In the process of training a soldier, the most important thing is competent and experienced instructors. And the National Armed Forces can be proud of the qualifications and abilities of their instructors, which have also been highly appreciated by Latvia’s allies.

The goal of the National Defense Service is to increase our nation’s defense capabilities with soldiers trained to modern NATO standards, which means that quality, not quantity, of training is a priority. As the NBS capacity gradually increases, so will the number of instructors and recruits and Latvia’s ability to protect its territory and independence.

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