mystery about the death of the 14-year-old

A teenager in London chose the path of suicide after coming into contact with some disturbing posts on Facebook.

Molly Russel she was a seemingly carefree teenager from Harrow in the north-west of London. The story that interested her is shocking in the eyes of all. In fact, the little girl took her own life after seeing the gods disturbing content on social networks. On the case concerning yours suicide an investigation was opened, which continues today.

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It’s a story with no happy ending, that of Molly, who had never shown signs of mental problems before taking the extreme act. Nobody expected everything that happened. The girl was only leafing through the pages of hers social mediawhen she suddenly came into contact with material disturbing it’s pretty awful. ‘

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The girl, 14 years old at the time, viewed online content related to depression, all’anxiety, all’self-harm, ed al suicide, and then, in 2017, irreparably take his own life. The material remained under investigation for a long time, and passed into the hands of lawyers and the police.

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The student, before taking her own life, came into contact on Facebook with disturbing material, so much so that it was defined ‘too creepy to be examined by the police for an extended period of time ‘. The fourteen-year-old flipped through a few post on Instagram with terrible content, which are now in the hands of experts who are still investigating his death.

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Ian Russel, Molly’s dad: the reaction to his daughter’s suicide after reading Facebook

Since the death of his daughter, Ian Russell he has been an active supporter of the battle for reform of social network platforms. In memory of Molly he also created the Molly Rose Foundation, an association to help prevent suicide in the under 25s. The Royal College of Psychiatrists published a report in January, dealing with the affair and interviewing the man. “Among the usual schoolmates, pop groups and classic celebrities followed by 14 year olds, we found depressing material, graphic contents of self-harm, and memes that encourage the suicide“, Ian said. “Without a doubt, social media helped kill my daughter.”

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