Mysterious text message before she was found dead

On Saturday, September 10, a message rang on Amanda Bearden’s cell phone.

The sender was his mother.

“They won’t let me go. I love you. The key to the house is in the blue flowerpot by the door. “

At the same time, he received a US $ 2,300 money transfer from his mother. This corresponds to NOK 23,700 at today’s exchange rate.

The following day, Debbie Collier (59) was found dead in a forest clearing 9.6 miles from home.

Reported missing

On Saturday, September 10, Collier took the family’s rental car to the store to go shopping.

According to her daughter, the 59-year-old only took her credit card and driver’s license with her before leaving the family home.

Three hours after the daughter received the chilling message, the family reported her mother missing.

The next day, police managed to track down the rental car’s satellite radio in a wooded area. The SUV was parked and unlocked near Clarkesville, Georgia, police said Fox News.

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He was found naked

About half a kilometer from the vehicle, the police found a red bag. Nearby was a blue tarpaulin with burn marks.

Collier was found lying on his back. His body was charred.

I thought she was drunk, I got a diagnosis of horror

I thought she was drunk, I got a diagnosis of horror

Despite the 59-year-old being set on fire, police managed to identify the woman on the spot.

The results of the forensic examinations have not yet been made public.

Defined a mystery

According to the local newspaper Now Habersham Collier’s daughter is said to have been scared and worried when she got the message.

The money he received was transferred via the Venmo app, which can be compared to the Norwegian Vipps payment app.

After this, Bearden is said to have tried to call his mother several times, before she – along with Collier’s father and husband – reported the 59-year-old missing that same evening.

In the American media, Collier’s death is described as a mystery.

Police are investigating the case further.

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