Mysterious signals from space are confusing scientists. The waves come from the center of the Milky Way

The brightness of an object that emits radio waves changes dramatically. According to the main author of the new study, PhD student Ziteng Wang, the transmitted signal is switched on and off randomly. At first, scientists thought it could be a pulsar, a rotating extinct star. “Another possibility was a star that emits huge solar flares. However, the signal does not match what we would expect from these types of celestial objects, “said Wang.

The source is nicknamed Andy’s object. Experts call him that after Wang, who calls himself Andy and was the first to discover these mysterious radio waves. He and his colleagues recorded radiation six times in 2020 with the Australian ASKAP radio telescope while mapping the sky.

The official name was given to the subject according to his coordination in the sky – ASKAP J173608.2-321635. “The strange feature of this new signal is that it has a very high polarization. This means that its light oscillates only in one direction, which, however, changes over time, “said Wang.

After its discovery, the signal was further investigated from South Africa. “We tried the more sensitive MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa. Because the signal was intermittent, we followed it for fifteen minutes every few weeks, ”said study co-author Tara Murphy, a professor at the University of Sydney. However, they could not find the source of the radiation.

They then turned to the Australian Parkes Observatory in New South Wales. However, they did not succeed here either.

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According to Murphy, the radio signal is unique. “At first he was invisible, then he shone brightly and slowly went out again before reappearing. This behavior is exceptional, “she explained.

According to scientists, the signal found does not fit any known pattern of radio waves. This means that it could be a completely new class of stellar objects.

The mystery could be solved by new telescopes

Whatever Andy’s object is, the polarization of his radio waves indicates a strong magnetic field. Astronomers use a scale from zero to a hundred to determine the brightness level of a star. During eruptions, the source’s glow reached hundreds of points and very quickly faded within a day. According to them, this indicates that the light source is a small object.

According to David Kaplan of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, no astronomical body falls under the characteristics described above. “It’s an interesting object that has so far thwarted all our attempts to explain it,” Kaplan said.

Murphy believes that new and more advanced telescopes will help them solve the mystery. “Over the next decade, the Square Kilometer Array, SKA transcontinental radio telescope will be commissioned. He will sensitively map the night sky every day, “she said.

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The construction of SKA is an international project that seeks to create the largest radio telescope in the world. Murphy added that its commissioning would open the door to a deeper exploration of space.

While scientists are trying to continue research on the latest recordings, experts have also noticed other radio waves in recent months. In May, NASA found a source of fast radio waves that sent a mysterious source toward Earth.



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