Mysterious ‘Radio Circle’ Seen in Space

The mysteries of outer space offer a new phenomenon to the list… astronomers have documented something called ‘freak radio circles’ … and there’s a lot going on.

This ORC was first discovered by astronomers in 2020, using the Australian SKA Pathfinder telescope … operated by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization believes something like this took a billion years to reach its maximum size, and stretches about 16 times as massive as the Milky Way. It’s been extended past several galaxies.

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory’s MeerKAT telescope was able to get an even better shot.

Researchers have several theories… be it the result of an explosion at the center of the galaxy, a jet propelling energetic particles, or the result of a starburst shock wave, caused by the creation of new stars.

Ray Norrisa professor at Western Sydney University and CSIRO, said, “We know ORC is a faint radio emission ring surrounding a galaxy with a very active black hole at its center, but we don’t yet know what causes it, or why it happens. very rare.”

So far, only 5 strange radio circles have been seen, all with telescopes observing through radio wavelengths. Visible light, infrared and X-ray telescopes have not yet documented ORC.

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