Mysterious Investors Buy Rp 3 T Hospital Shares, Who is it?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – One of the shares of the health sector issuer PT Metro Healthcare Indonesia Tbk (CARE) was observed to be bought by foreigners through the negotiating market in the first trading session this Monday (25/10).

The existence of this transaction immediately pushed the net foreign buy value in all markets to reach Rp 3 trillion.

Trading data recorded that there were 66.5 million lots (6.65 billion shares) bought by foreigners through broker PT Maybank Kim Eng Sekuritas (ZP).

The domestic party as the seller carried out this transaction mediated by broker PT Pacific Sekuritas Indonesia (AP).

CARE shares are traded at a price of Rp 450/unit in the negotiated market. This means that the transaction value reached Rp. 2.99 trillion.

Transactions in the negotiated market for CARE shares reached 20% of the total outstanding shares. The jumbo transaction value with this jumbo share volume may involve the majority shareholder.

For information, as much as 69.92% of CARE’s shares are owned by PT Anugrah Kasih Rajawali. CARE is one of the shares in the Healthcare sectoral index which is engaged in hospital services.

As of session I, CARE’s shares have been traded 7,206 times with a transaction value of nearly Rp 180 billion.

CARE shares closed with a correction of 0.44% at Rp 452/unit or not far from the share price in the negotiated market.

On trade intraday, CARE’s stock moved in the lowest range at Rp 442/unit and the highest range at Rp 462/unit.

For information, the negotiated market on the IDX is one of three types of transactions on the stock exchange. Other types of transactions are transactions in the regular market or the ordinary market, and the cash market.

Transactions in the regular market are transactions carried out using a continuous bargaining mechanism and become a transaction facility at normal prices and a minimum transaction amount of 1 lot (100 shares).

On the other hand, large transactions carried out in the negotiated market usually involve large owners or shareholders who do not want to damage prices in the regular market. The price and number of transactions can be determined by both parties without needing to follow the market price.

Meanwhile, the cash market is a market in which securities trading on the stock exchange is carried out based on a continuous bidding process.continuous auction market) by stock exchange member companies (AB) through the JATS system and the settlement is carried out on the same exchange day aka the same day (T+0).

The official website notes, Metro Healthcare Indonesia is a group engaged in integrated health services, by managing hospitals that are members of the Metro Hospital Group.

Currently Metro Hospital owns and operates 7 hospitals spread across several potential areas.


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