Mysterious Chinese virus: five people under surveillance in Quebec | The thread of the regions | News | The voice of the east

PAt the moment, there is no indication that these people have actually contracted the potentially fatal virus, but they are returning from China and have symptoms of respiratory illnesses which deserve to leave nothing to chance.

They are currently under observation in hospitals in Montreal and Quebec.

In total, in the past few days, six travelers from China have been screened by medical authorities. One of them has already obtained her leave on Wednesday, the tests being negative.

This information was provided Wednesday by the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, in a press conference.

The latter sought to be reassuring, saying that everything was in place in the health network to intervene quickly if ever a case of coronavirus was detected in Quebec.

Instructions were given to detect possible problem cases at airports and in hospital emergency rooms.

The main symptoms are fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

In the Wuhan region of China, the spread of the new virus has sickened hundreds of people and killed 17 so far.

Mr. Arruda’s intervention came as the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva must determine whether the outbreak should be considered a “public health emergency of international concern.”

In any event, Quebec is already on alert. “We act exactly as if it is an international emergency,” said Arruda, given that travelers regularly return from China and “could have the disease.”

“We’d rather err on the side of things than let a case roam the community,” he commented.

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