Mysterious bird death amazes scientists ABC News

“It seems to be an unprecedented number, a very large number,” Martha Desmond, a professor at New Mexico State University’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, told NBC News.

We are not talking about individual cases but thousands of birds that have been confirmed dead. The number is probably significantly higher.

The birds have been found in various places in the state. Among other things, several hikers have reported their observations.

Hundreds of thousands

The professor believes that the findings indicate that there may be as many as several hundred thousand birds, and that these are probably lying dead around the terrain.

Now researchers are trying to figure out why so many birds have succumbed. Among the theories is a cold front that recently hit the state.

In addition, there have been periods of drought. In addition, air currents from forest fires on the west coast may have affected the birds.

– May have lung damage

Another theory is that the birds may have left their nests prematurely due to weaknesses in the lung system.

– It may be that the birds have damage to the lungs, mener professor Martha Desmond.

New Mexico borders Texas to the east and south, Mexico to the southwest, Arizona to the west, Utah to the northwest, Oklahoma to the northeast, and Colorado to the north.

Now the state authorities are asking for the public’s help in solving the mysterious bird death. People who find dead birds are asked to submit them for scientific examination.


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