Myanmar police are better off asylum in India than following military orders – post today around the world

Myanmar police are better off asylum to India than following military orders

Date 04 March 2021 time 18:30

A number of Myanmar police seek asylum to India instead, following a junta order.

Recently, a Reuters reporter reported that at least 19 Myanmar police officers have crossed over to India and are seeking asylum there, all of whom are minority police. As told by the Indian police And is expected to increase in numbers after this

Reuters previously reported that Mizoram police superintendent Stephen Lalrinawma had “rejected him”. India said three Myanmar police officers traveled to the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram to seek asylum in lieu of the Myanmar junta.

The three men crossed the border to Mizoram on Wednesday afternoon (Feb 3) local time. While local Indian officials are conducting medical examinations and other preparations. For asylum

Lalrinawma said the three Myanmar police were unable to obey the orders of the Burmese junta, so they had to flee the country and seek asylum due to the Myanmar military seizure.

As of Feb. 1, following the coup in Myanmar, more than 50 people have died, and India is home to thousands of refugees from Myanmar, including people from Chin State and Rohingya

Photo by Sai Aung Main / AFP


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