Myanmar diplomat asks for asylum Do not accept the power of the coup.

Myanmar diplomatic officer in the United States Ask for political asylum Not accepting the power of the junta – Japanese beverage companies Suspend joint venture, army company

Kirin Company, a Japanese alcoholic beverage manufacturer. Announcing the end of a joint investment plan with Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Limited (MEHL), a holding company under the Myanmar Army After the coup took power of Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party.

Kirin said in a statement: The company is deeply concerned about the latest actions by the military in Myanmar. This leaves the company no choice but to take urgent action to end its partnership with MEHL, the military capital group.

Kirin has a joint investment with MEHL, the owner of Myanmar Brewery Limited, a major brewer. With an investment of more than $ 500 million in 2015, the company plans to further invest in Myanmar. But due to the coup d’etat, the plan was suspended

The stance was supported by the Japanese human rights organization that the company made the decision. It also hopes that other foreign companies With investment ties back to a group of companies owned by the Myanmar Army Will make the same decisions

Myanmar diplomats seek asylum

Meanwhile, Maung Maung Latt, First Secretary to the Embassy of Myanmar in Washington, D.C., announced a position to seek political asylum in the United States. Because they did not accept the power of the coup

“I decided to seek asylum in this country. Because he did not want to accept the wrongful seizure of the military power Revealed to the VOA news agency

“It’s a total injustice that I can’t stand. And I am very worried, especially about the future of the young people in our country, ”added the Myanmar Ambassador.

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Myanmar diplomats also expressed concern that In the future, the top civilian officers will be replaced by military personnel. It also spoke of the attitude of diplomats from the same nation around the world that Among the Myanmar ambassadors were those who supported the coup. And those who ignore the seizure of power this time He called on fellow diplomats from Myanmar to show off the civilized power of the military as opposed to the Burmese people of the country. Movement, show power

Before the balm balm Latt. Will hold a diplomatic post in Washington, D.C. He has previously served at the Myanmar embassy in Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand, where he is due to return to Myanmar next month to retire.

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