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4 hours ago

An orchestra composed of young Burmese generation “Generation Z MM” in Yangon released a new song called “Revolution”. Aiming to encourage the younger generation to come out against the civil government’s seizure of power in early February, the band played a range of instruments including violins, cello, trombone and percussion.

Some teenagers also came out to breakdance to Michael Jackson’s songs, expanding the range of iconic anti-coup performances that started with knocking pots and pans earlier.

On February 16, Brigadier General Seo Min Tun, a spokesman for the Myanmar Army Make a press conference in Naypyidaw It again claimed that the military coup seized power from the civilian government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi due to election fraud. But does not provide any evidence to support this claim.

He said the military would be out of power for a long time and vowed to “return power to the winning political party” after new elections. Which did not reveal when it will happen

The army spokesman also stated that A second criminal case was filed against Suu Kyi. Who are being detained in the villa It is charged with breaching the law on Myanmar’s natural disasters.

Suu Kyi was previously charged with illegally imported radio, which BBC Southeast Asia correspondent Jonathan Head said was a lack of credibility.

On Feb. 17, hundreds of thousands of people across Myanmar held one of the largest protests since the military seizure of power in early February.

In Yangon Protesters by parking in the middle of the road to block traffic. So that civil servants cannot travel And hinder the movement of the security forces

Protesters called the day “Road Blocking Day”, with cars stopping in the middle of the road and opening the bonnet as if the car was broken. BBC Burmese reporters said buses stopped and blocked traffic at various intersections.

At Mandalay city Security forces fired guns near a train station area. At least one person was reported to have been injured. A video recording of the incident was published on social media. It is not clear if the officers actually fired the bullets.

The protesters reportedly tried to stop the military-carrying trains from traveling. Railway workers said they had been put on a gun threatening to drive the train.

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