Myanmar coup: Facebook shut down, people start to take action against military government

Myanmar coup: Facebook-IG is shut down, people start a movement against the military government – BBC Thailand

Myanmar Internet service provider restricts access to Facebook Instagram and chat app by order of the junta It made it more difficult for the people of Myanmar to communicate with each other. While today (February 4, some Myanmar people arranged for civilized acts against the military government that started a coup, seizing power from the NL party. The good of Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has ordered mobile operators and internet service providers to shut down Facebook access until Feb.7, arguing that the social media giant is a tool for broadcasting information. Inaccurate and provocative content

The “Netblocks” group, which monitors the global deprivation of internet use, stated that Service providers in Myanmar also block access to Instagram and WhatsApp applications. Which also has Facebook as the owner

“Facebook’s products are restricted to many operators in Myanmar. To comply with the official order, ”the group said on Twitter.

The Facebook shutdown comes in the wake of the Feb.1 coup yesterday night, with some residents in Yangon, Myanmar’s former capital and largest city. Honk the horns on the road and hit utensils such as pots, bowls, kettles, beeps, for symbolic representations of the junta. Traditional belief The people of Myanmar will use the method of hitting the vessel to make a loud noise to drive away evil spirits. These images were distributed widely on the Facebook platform.

Myanmar women in Yangon hit the basin in protest of coup

Social media is also a channel to express the anti-coup among medical workers at hospitals in Myanmar across the country. They point out that the uprising of the military is in their own interests over the suffering of the people from the COVID-19 epidemic. Which has killed more than 3,100 Burmese people

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Facebook is a very popular social media platform in Myanmar. More than half of the 53 million Myanmar people use Facebook as their primary focus.Ministries of the government of Myanmar also use Facebook as their primary means of making statements.

“People who create problems for the security of the country Using Facebook to spread false news, misinformation and misleading people, ”the Ministry of Transport and Communications said in a letter.

Democracy activists in Myanmar held today. “Civil disobedience” against the military government Which is the first time after the coup With appointments for anti-military activities It was reported that staff at 70 hospitals and public health agencies in 30 cities across the country had strikes.

BBC Burmese language department reported that The military has started to release some National League for Democracy (NLD) politicians but has not released Aung San Suu Kyi, who is still in custody in a home in Nay Pyi Taw.

In Thailand, posters of persuasion were sent together in front of the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, located at Sathorn Road, this evening for the event. “Shines against the Burmese coup”

Today’s gathering will be the first after a Myanmar anti-coup demonstration in front of the embassy, ​​where police officers used smoke pyrotechnics to disperse the rally. This caused little clashes between the Thai protesters and the officials.

Including pictures of hitting containers against the coup in Yangon

Myanmar people hit the basins

The Myanmar people believe that hitting the vessel with a loud noise will ward off evil spirits.
Myanmar people hit the container

People in Yangon protested the coup by hitting the container on the balcony.

People in Yangon protested the coup by hitting a container on their balcony last night (Feb 3).
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