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“Myanmar Army Takes Advantage of Cyclone Moca, Death Toll Rises to 41”

The death toll from Cyclone Moca has risen to 41. The army took advantage of the storm. Attack the resistance village.

Foreign news agencies reported on May 16, 2023, citing revelations from local community leaders in Myanmar. That the number of deaths from the influence of Cyclone Moca that hit the country on Sunday Increased to at least 41 dead, while hundreds of houses were damaged. amid concerns that The actual number of victims may be even higher.

The area with the highest death toll is in Rakhine State. Because many people live in low-lying and coastal areas. with the Magwe district central Myanmar particularly at the Rohingya IDP camps in Rakhine State. It is believed that the military junta of Myanmar is not included in the official death toll.

Number of deaths from Soclonemoca The junta has officially announced the death toll now stands at 21, including officers or members of the security forces.

meanwhile It was also reported that The Myanmar army has launched offensives on villages in Sagaing district in the northwestern part of the country. where many people are against the military government By relying on the rhythm after the storm causing thousands of villagers to be evacuated

A resident from Kani township in Sagaing district told the BBC: “It’s been raining since May 12. We escaped the flooding. The soldiers came to attack. People are more afraid of danger from the soldiers than from the storm.”

Local residents also told the BBC that more than 15,000 residents of Kani and Khin Oo have been affected by army attacks in the past two days. In Inpa, medical treatment was required. after being hit by a stray bullet

NGO Partners Relief & Development in Rakhine state tweeted on Tuesday: “Myanmar is facing storms on many fronts. with the report that The Myanmar army has attacked villages in other regions. While Cyclone Mokalei works in Rakhine State Many families are still in dire need of help.”

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