My wife told everyone to say I’m not targeted: zodiac couples where a man always obeys a woman

Aries woman and Taurus man

Astrologers warn that the imperious Madame Aries will subdue the Taurus man in no time and he won’t even notice. And what, was he stubborn? He will become the sweetest, the most courteous and obliging. Did you work hard? Well now resistance has been added to this quality. Well, if he knows how to joke, he will become a real jester: there he is. And yes, you shouldn’t accuse poor Taurus of weakness. As soon as another girl appears nearby, he will again become a seductive macho who is ready and can do anything. Right next to the fiery beauty, she can, unfortunately, be the only one. Obedient and submissive.

Gemini woman and Cancer man

Cancer is already so and so, and the Gemini woman is still unhappy and calls cancer a childish and useless creature. Cancer is still floundering, but he will soon believe himself to be a rag. Yes, all the advantages of the protection of the Moon have suddenly turned into disadvantages. Conformity has become softness, modesty – cowardice, romance – stupidity. And Mercury’s pet rejoices: “I won again!”.

Lioness woman and Libra man

What if a person is called a rag a hundred times a day? He will lie down on the threshold and represent a useful thing in the house. “Compromise was invented by the weak,” says the Lioness and humiliates the Libra man when he makes concessions. The air element of Libra inflates the fiery element of the Lioness and her stubborn flame grows even stronger.

Virgo woman and Pisces man

“Are you wrong somehow”? Virgo screams and points out to the Pisces man her faults. Virgo knows how to criticize and does it with pleasure, and the romantic and shy Pisces man believes her. He believes he is unsuitable and worthless. He also asks for forgiveness for the fact that the Virgin has to endure it. Did these women have the goal of subduing the will of their men? No, it happened and the planets under which women were born turned out to be stronger. Men just have to shake up and find the strength to escape from a failed relationship.

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