“My song gives off positive waves, it’s an asset”, considers LMK

LMK singer. – LMK/FTV

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  • Eight solo artists, three duets and a trio are in the running for Eurovision France, you decide!, the French selection for Eurovision which will be broadcast on January 30 on France 2.
  • LMK, 26, is in contention with the song Magical.
  • “It’s a very catchy song. At the moment, I think people want to forget their worries a bit and get along with each other, ”the singer told 20 Minutes.

This year, twelve songs can hope to represent France at Eurovision Song Contest in May. But there will only be one elected. They will be decided on the evening of January 30, on France 2, as part ofEurovision France, you decide! presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.

Until then 20 Minutes invites you to discover every day the artists who, solo, in duo or in trio, are involved in the competition. This Thursday, it’s time for Eve-Line Lamarca, alias LMK, 26, who hopes to have found the right formula with her song, Magical.

What is your musical background?

I have a rather atypical background because, at the start, I have a classic training. I played the harp at the conservatory from when I was 5 to 18. At the same time, I sang in my corner, I always liked it. In high school, I was part of a small reggae dancehall group and, by necessity, I started to evolve in this environment and to professionalize myself, to live from my concerts. I have done a lot of scenes in France and internationally, I am quite well known in this somewhat underground environment that is reggae today.

What would be the advantages of “Magique” for Eurovision?

What is undeniable is that it is a very catchy song, which gives off positive vibes. At the moment, I think people want to forget their worries a bit and have some fun. The fact that there is a harp mixed with a style which, on paper, has nothing to do with it, makes it atypical.

What will your performance in “Eurovision France” look like?

I am going to play the harp at the beginning, on a clean production. And then, when the sound starts, it will be a whole different atmosphere, very “girl power”, very choreographed.

If I say “Eurovision”, you think of which artist?

The one that I preferred is Netta, with Toy. I like the production, the melody, what the singer embodies, her voice. Musically, it’s successful. It’s a good recipe: one piece catchy but who has a soul.

Beyond your participation in “Eurovision France”, do you have any other news?

We can announce the release of a project, which will undoubtedly be more of an EP than an album. I don’t know yet, because I have a lot of pieces, I don’t know if I put them all in or if I cut it into several projects, but anyway, something will come out in the spring.

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