My son traveled for a month to Lebanon and returned as a fanatic

The mother of an American of Lebanese descent said, Hadi MatarThe Iranian sympathizer and accused of trying to kill Salman Rushdie last Friday in New York, said that her son, who was born and raised in the United States, “made a month-long trip to the Middle East in 2018, and returned introverted and religious fanatic, locked himself in the basement of the house, and refused to talk to his family For months”, according to Silvana Fardos of Lebanese origin, explained to the newspaper she interviewed yesterday, the British MailDaily.

The 46-year-old, “Sylvana Ferdous”, stated that she learned of Salman Rushdie’s stabbing, when FBI agents raided her house, and took out from the basement, where her son resides in Fairview, New Jersey, a computer, in addition to “Playstation”, books, knives and a tool for sharpening blades. “I was at my workplace at the time when my daughter called me and told me that FBI agents were at home, and I was shocked by the news,” adding that she did not know if her son had read Rushdie’s book, but she discovered that he had become more religious since his trip, to So much so that he criticized her for not having a strict Islamic upbringing.

The mother said that she had never heard of Salman Rushdie before, and had never read any of his books, “I did not even know that he existed, and I did not know that my son had read his book (..) I can’t believe he was able to do such a thing, he was very calm, Everyone loved him and, as I told the FBI, I wouldn’t bother to talk to him again. He’s responsible for his actions, I have two other minors I have to look after, and they’re resentful, and I’m shocked. All we can do is try to move on from this without him.” In reference to her son, who was mentioned by in a previous report, that he was born to Lebanese parents who immigrated from the town of “Yaroun” in southern Lebanon, the stronghold of Hezbollah backed by Iran.

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Hadi Matar had grown up and went to school in California, before the divorce separated his mother in 2004 from his father, Hassan, after which her divorced husband returned to Lebanon, while she moved to New Jersey to start a new life with her children. As for his trip in 2018 to Lebanon, it was to visit his father, as he transformed from a popular and lovable son to a moody introvert “and in the first hour he came back he called me. He wanted to return after 28 days of absence, as the trip was not going well with his father, Because he felt so lonely.”

“He criticized me for not introducing him to Islam.”

The mother added: “I was expecting him to come back excited to complete his studies to get his degree and a job, but instead he locked himself in the basement.. He has changed a lot, and he hasn’t said anything to me or his two sisters in months. He sleeps during the day and wakes up and eats at night. He lives in the basement, where He cooks his own food.

The house that Hadi Matar used to live in is a secluded basement

With time, Hadi Matar prevented his mother from entering his residence in the basement, which is located directly under the 4-room house, which costs 700,000 dollars, where the mother lives with his twin sisters, both of whom are 14 years old. “On one occasion he argued with me and asked me why I encouraged him to get an education instead of focusing on religion, he was angry because I didn’t introduce him to Islam from a young age,” adding that she is Lebanese, an immigrant for 26 years, and lives a simple life as a single mother, then says: “I don’t care about politics. I’m not religious. I was born Muslim, and that’s basically it. I didn’t push my kids into debt or force my son into anything. I don’t know anyone in Iran, all of my family is here.”

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