“My son Carlos? With foaming at the mouth after satanic messages” – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

October 18, 2020

Nina Moric versus Fabrizio Corona, positive result at Covid. The former model posts a shocking phone call with Carlos (the couple’s son). And delirium breaks out. A difficult week for Corona after this cold shower. Moric claims Corona threatened Carlos. And Fabrizio is not there to hear these accusations, since many testify to a beautiful relationship with Carlos (just of age). “I’m pissed off,” he says to Barbara d’Urso who asks him first of all how he is physically. “Better today. My fever has passed. Covid is a disease that you feel inside. I did not feel tastes and my legs tingled very strongly ”. And then the judicial blow to Corona: he must serve 9 months.

“In light of what she did (referring to Moric ed) it is shameful. Not just from you and the lawyer. In that post there are 7 serious criminal offenses, ”says Corona. “There is a limit. Also for the journalists who publish those conversations to make online views ”, Corona screams. That in a shocking phone call threatens Moric. “It was an outlet in a vocal audio, I was beside myself for what he had done to my son ”, is justified live by d’Urso. “I have a big heart like that. The Juvenile Court of Milan had dismissed her and I asked for joint custody. It took me 8 months to make Carlos feel good when I was under house arrest.

Have you seen it? The look, the build ”, thunders. “Carlos came back to live with me because he was into the Fabulous business and stuff like that … ”: a river in flood. Crown without brakes. “On my birthday we were all together in love and agreement. Do you remember? Now she is locked in the house with a 22-year-old boy where she has been evicted for two years ”, she continues. He yells without restraint: “Carlos, who has a teacher, a beautician and a barber at home because he needs to be followed, has returned home in conditions that I won’t even tell you”.

But there is another particular shock. Corona says his son Carlos has met a certainly Michelangelo, who defines himself “Warrior of the light”. This guy, according to Corona, would brainwash him with messages that he calls satanic. Yet another frozen shower. Corona shocks everyone. He is very lucid. He is a father who loves his son’s boundless way. Now Carlos is back with him. “He was pissed off at his mom after she taped it. I speak now and never again. I go to work at home, in another room – Corona continues to tell – and my son calls this Michelangelo. He tells him: “Your father is evil, go away”. He left the room with foaming at his mouth (…). And he left home. Carlos is followed by two doctors, Nina doesn’t even know. I cried like a baby for 4 hours (after that night) ”.

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