My sister in law told me not to cry! Open source viral phrase by Bogey Lion from drawn song

Who is Katoei?

There is no doubt who the Katoei is. Currently, there are a large number of LGBTQ people who are talented in various fields. especially about the beauty pageant In Thailand, we own world-class theater rights such as Miss Tiffany and Miss Universe.

P’katoey is therefore an important part in leading the entertainment industry. And many people use social media as a meeting point, so Pekatoey is anyone who can show up to support you. as well as supporting Black Lion artists

Who is Bogey Lion?

Pitchesinee Weerasutthimas (Bogey Lion or Bowkylion) The 28-year-old singer rose to fame through her YouTube channel called Bowky Lion, which covers the songs of various artists. The name Bowky Lion comes from her name. plus coach name “Singto Numchok” which she used to compete in The Voice Thailand Season 4

Bogey Lion graduated with a BA in Popular Music from Mahidol University Regarded as a female artist who has the ability to sing and compose songs.

Bogie Lion is currently an artist under the Moonflower camp under the What the Trap label made a song “Dad Mai” in 2022, a song that many people listen to and shed tears. with content that is sad and evokes feelings The singer himself also sang and cried.

The origin of the phrase “Pep Katoei told me not to cry” from the song “Wad Wai”

The song is drawn There is a line of lyrics that says “You always told me not to cry”, but there were fans who sounded distorted. “Pep Katoey once told me, don’t cry” and sang a cover on TikTok until it was posted on Twitter and met the artist. street of the bogey lion Then used as a caption to call his fans “Pep Katoei”

Most recently, Bogey Lion received the Best Female Artist of the Year award from the stage of THE GUITAR MAG AWARD 2022 on November 22, 2022, and gave an interview that Thank you Katoei for your support.

The lyrics of “Wad Dai” were inspired by all gay brothers and sisters. So she’s getting more popular. Besides being a fan P’ Katoey is also everything for Bogey Lion. Latest photo editing and played Bogey Lion’s song all over the house all over the city become a trend Pee Fever Kratoey

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