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The singer and the green protocol for concerts: “Even through small gestures you can stir consciences.” Irene Bengo (Politecnico di Milano): «In this way even big events can help the territory

The five days of concerts and events of the Verona Heroes Festival were opened yesterday by the guys from Fridays for future. Music to save the planet, also rethinking the way to organize major events. There singer-songwriter Elisa she is not only the artistic director of the appointment, was chosen by the UN to promote the Campaign on the Sustainable Development Goals

. From Verona, where he will perform for three evenings, his «Back to the future» tour starts, which will be a manifesto of notes and environmental commitment. “It would be utopian and wrong to think that my tour alone could be able to change the world – she explains during a break from rehearsals -, but I am convinced that if single people come together, even through small gestures, if this problem is shown and exposed, it is possible to create a public opinion capable of stirring up consciences and also having attention from politics. The ocean is made up of many small drops, which alone count for little but which together do a lot ».

Not just words. Elisa is committed to supporting the protocol developed by Triadi, a spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano, with RP Legal and Music Innovation Hub, which is being implemented for the first time in Verona. “Our goal was to provide guidelines, reference models for the various actors involved in the realization of a concert or a live event” explains Irene Bengo, professor at the Polytechnic and director of Triadi. The ambition is to reverse the approach. “Do not think with the logic of minimizing damage, but consider the value that an event can generate in the area”.

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Good practices to be identified from the moment the concert is conceived, evaluating not only the environmental aspect, but also the social and governance aspect. First of all by choosing a suitable place, favoring little-used spaces, planning mobility in order to promote new habits, involving local communities and disadvantaged categories. And again, in the moment of artistic decisions, choosing scenographies made with eco-sustainability criteria, times in which the sunlight can be exploited, hiring staff in compliance with the inclusion criteria. And in the production phase it will be necessary to take into account the compensation of energy consumption and food waste, preferring second-hand materials and eco-compatible merchandising.

A Green Village was also created at the Verona festival (which will be present in all stages of the tour). «A space where to make music, but also where poetry readings, debates and food at zero kilometer are held. A way to concretely show what sustainability is ”explains Dino Lupelli of Music Innovation Hub. The furnishings, designed by the artist Vittorio Palumbo, were all made of wood by the inmates of the city prison. Even the location was not chosen by chance, in the area along the Adige which houses the Palazzo della Dogana and the Dogana di Fiume. «Recently restored, it is in the center but little known, not even the taxi drivers know where it is – adds Lupelli -. But I have already heard from some entrepreneurs who have seen this treasure in recent days and want to organize some events here ».

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