“My heart is broken … forever.” Farewell to Pietro Delle Piane

Antonella Elia shocks the Big Brother Vip: “I am heartbroken … forever”. A twist at the very opening of the twenty-first episode. Asked by Alfonso Signorini about the morale of the evening, the former Temptation Island competitor announced that she was single again.

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A surprise and completely unexpected statement that of Antonella Elia at the opening of the twenty-first episode of Big Brother Vip.

Antonella Elia announced live that she was single again: «I’m heartbroken … forever». Apparently her love affair with Pietro Delle Piane is over. Could it be true? Will it be the usual provocation? What we do know is that Elijah gave her boyfriend an out out “Either you marry me, or we break up.”

Last update: Monday 23 November 2020, 22:41



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