My Happy Marriage: A Heartwarming Love Story with a Twist

My Happy Marriage (Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon) is based on Akumi Akitoki’s popular light novel, illustrated by Tsuhiko Sugioka, which was published in both a novel and a manga in 2019, and has been published in 2019. highly popular Sold more than 7 million copies (as of April 2023) became a movie version. which received a landslide response, earning number 1 in ticket sales of 750,000 tickets within 7 days!! And to date, it has earned more than 2.8 billion yen, telling a love story that will shake everyone’s heart with drama and spectacular effects.

“Stay here, you must do as I command. If I tell you to leave, leave. If I tell you to die, die!!”

Miyo Saimori, the eldest daughter of a noble family descended from supernatural powers. But she was born powerless. making her treated like a servant in her own home And oppressed by her stepmother and half-sister, her biological father still considers her useless. Causing her to be married to politics to be the wife of Kiyoka Kudo, a soldier of the Kudo family. Famous people claim that he was “Brutal and merciless. and those who are his fiancée tend to run away after spending less than three days with him. He himself was able to use the power of fire.

The first day Miyo met him, treated her coldly. and orders her to do everything he commands However, Miyo finds out that Kiyoka isn’t as cruel as everyone thinks, and Kiyoka finds out that Miyo isn’t like the other fiancés. causing him to open up to her until the two of them became closer But at that moment, a terrorist attack broke out throughout the capital. Causing Kiyoka to take action and puts their marriage to a major test.

Ren Mokuro

An interview with Ren Mokuro on the meaning of the word “married”

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Do you have any dreams of getting married?

I want to get married I think those who live to protect their families are He seems like a wonderful and cool person.

When do you think you will get married?

I was born when my mom was 24 and my dad was 25 so I was thinking about my age. I’m 26 now. Am I supposed to have kids at this age? I can feel the greatness of being a parent.

What kind of marriage would you like to propose? It’s simple, is it part of everyday conversation? Surprise and unusual marriage proposal?

I want it to be a smooth surprise. However, I want it to be filled with overwhelming feelings and the best timing is when the other party is caught off guard. So it’s absolutely unpredictable.

Do you want the woman to propose?

I think it’s wonderful, but… I think women tend to want to get married. So I want the man to make it happen.

Ren Mokuro

What is your ideal marriage proposal?

In My Happy Marriage, Kiyoka gave Miyo a comb, which was nice, I thought it would be nice to dare to give something other than a ring. But give what she really wants, so it has to be thoroughly researched from the conversation.

What kind of husband do you want to be?

I think Kiyoka’s role in My Happy Marriage is a dependable husband. He doesn’t talk much. But it’s action-oriented, and I think the feeling he’s showing is cool. And it was good that he was appreciated by his subordinates at work. if i get married My goal is to be a Kiyoka type husband.

How would you like to express your gratitude to your spouse?

I was very touched by Miyo (the main character in the movie) played by Mio Imada, she got up early and worked hard for her husband… But still at the beginning of the movie Kiyoka is also very bad for her (laughs). If it were me, I’d be very thankful and say “thank you” for doing something.

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Which Snow Man member do you think is suitable to marry?

Fukka-san (Tatsuya Fukasawa)

  My Happy Marriage

What are the advantages of marrying Ren Meguro?

I’ll give you a massage! I’m not that good But if it’s someone I like, I’d like to do it.

What do you think is the secret to reconciling when you have a fight with your partner?

I think it’s important to talk when we fight. Don’t let problems follow you to bed with a vague feeling or thinking that “time will solve it.” Better not say anything.

Do you have a dream of having a wedding?

yes ! I want a fun and hilarious wedding. I have a plan that I really want to do. but had to let the people who attended the event cooperate a little bit, so it was a fairly big deal I’ve been thinking about this plan for many years. but i’m sorry I can’t say what it is (laughs).

What song would you like to use at your wedding?

Ah, that was also chosen. But I won’t tell I was thinking if it would be embarrassing to perform Snow Man’s song by myself (laughs). But if everyone is excited about it, probably got it eh or not

  My Happy Marriage

Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?

it’s very classic i want to go to hawaii I’ve never been there So I want to go

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the words “My Happy Marriage”?

Warm image, I thought I’d get married, right? (laughs) However, when I read the original work, This idea was refuted in a good way because of the elements. that is pleasing to men For example, my role has a special ability called I think that’s why I’m so interested in it.

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If you were living with someone, what rules would you like to set?

Nothing special! For example, housework is not fun. So I think there is a possibility. a lot to have problems It’s often difficult and annoying. If so, I would be delighted to take the lead. forcing a loved one to do something that is exhausting It’s not a good thing, is it? I want to reduce the burden of the other party by making myself stronger. That’s why I don’t want to set too strict rules and I want to be responsible as much as possible

My Happy Marriage

What household chores are you not good at?

clean the glass I’m sure there is a way to clean it so that no more water stains remain.

What type of chores would you like to do with your psychic powers?

Clean the drain. In the movie, there is a scene where Kiyoka uses his special ability to boil water. And it would be nice to have a special ability that could clear the drain instantly (laughs).

If you are married and live with your partner Would you forgive her if she was too lazy to do her chores?

Well, “forgive”, but what do you mean? It’s not something we have to forgive, is it? (laughs) It’s our home. So please rest as you please!

How do you want to decorate your house?
I like incense So I would be happy if there was a nice scent in the house.

MY HAPPY MARRIAGE May your love us be happy 22 June infactorymovies

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