My God, you are crazy, Djokovic heard from the former coach. He revealed that he suffers in the role of an opponent

In the interview, Vajda talked not only about the progress Molčan made under his leadership. He also revealed how he experiences the moments when his charge is playing against Djokovic. This happened, for example, during the French Open. “It was strange. Maybe just when I was in the opponent’s box. To be honest, it was a terrible feeling. I felt bad. And Novak too. We are still in contact. We communicate, we send each other messages, we still have very good relations,” claimed the Slovakian coach.

When Djokovic beat his charge, he did not hesitate to congratulate him. “He played a very good match. But I also told him that Alex was getting better and he agreed,” Vajda boasted. Afterwards, he said, a shock came. “Alex should have been more aggressive on my second serve,” explained the Slovakian coach, who couldn’t believe his ears. “My God, you’re crazy, you’re unbelievable,” he revealed how he reacted. “After all, he was actually telling me tactics that would work against him,” smiled Vajda.

He considers advice from a tennis star. “He helped me understand more about Alex’s game, his tennis. Some of the things we’re working on, I did with Novak. It’s different, for example, in that Alex is left-handed, so I have to perceive everything differently, but we manage to improve many things,” praised Vajda, who makes no secret of the fact that he continues to keep his fingers crossed for Djokovic.

“I will always root for him. I want him to win Wimbledon. Grass is the best surface for him, he also has a decent moose. Moreover, he is still improving,” he warned in an interview for Tennis Majors Vajda opponent of the Serbian tennis player. On Tuesday afternoon, Wimbledon’s number one men’s singles will play in the quarterfinals of the third Grand Slam tournament of the season against the 20-year-old Italian Jannik Sinner, seeded ten.

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