My ears ring is not just a saying but also a disease

In common parlance, saying “my ears are ringing” means that someone is talking, for better or for worse, about us. But putting this popular belief aside, we want to discover something else. Unfortunately, my ears ring is not just a saying but also a disease. Many Italians have had buzzing, rustling, hissing in their ears. The affected person perceives these noises. In technical jargon it is called tinnitus.

What is it about

Tinnitus is not easy to recognize. In fact, it can create momentary annoyances, for example after a day spent in a noisy place and we don’t notice it. To actually understand if the problem persists, you must always contact a competent doctor and never let yourself go and find a do-it-yourself solution.

Contact a competent doctor

Only the doctor has the ability to actually understand the extent of the problem. The duration of the ringing in the ears can depend on various factors. We mentioned earlier about prolonged exposure to loud noises. Furthermore the accumulation of earwax, sinusitis, allergies, viral or bacterial infections can generate this disease.

The doctor has the right tools to understand whether it is objective or subjective tinnitus. Using a stethoscope to the ear turns out the first case. More difficult to understand subjective tinnitus. In fact it is perceived only by those who suffer from it. In this last case it can have a pulsating effect with rhythmic noise or not.

What to eat to promote disappearance

Leaving the precise diagnosis to the doctors, with this article we want to suggest some small steps to take in a natural way to try to favor the disappearance of tinnitus.

Melatonin-rich olive oil, tomatoes, nuts, and wine are rich in melatonin and can relieve symptoms. The same goes for zinc-rich foods such as fish, legumes, dark chocolate, oysters and pumpkin seeds. Tinnitus is a problem that affects many people. Therefore, my ears ring is not only a saying but also a disease that must be treated in time.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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