“My country and people are being bombed!” Actress Mila Yovovich shocked by the war in his native Ukraine – Hollywood

Yovovich’s message was published the day after Russian President Vladimir Putin carried out a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, exacerbating the conflict that began in 2014.

She gave her followers access to information about charities and other ways to help the people of Ukraine.

“Trying to understand the events in my native Ukraine, I feel shocked, I am missing a word. My country and people are being bombed. Friends and family are hiding. My roots and blood are coming from both Ukraine and Russia,” she says.

“I feel torn in half, watching the horrors and the destruction of the country. Families have to move, their whole lives are in charred ruins. I remember the war in my father’s homeland, the former Yugoslavia. The stories my family told of the trauma and terror they experienced. “Leaders who can’t find peace. The endless machinery of imperialism. And people always pay with bloodshed and tears,” the actress goes through.

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