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from Alessandro Vinci

The winner of Sanremo Giovani 2020 is now a doctor in Art and Communication. This was announced by the actor, present at the ceremony together with his wife Sabrina

Ten days ago the rescue of a girl victim of violence, now there degree in Art and Communication at John Cabot University in Rome. a May full of great satisfaction that of Leo Gassmann23enne winner of Sanremo Giovani in 2020 not much appreciated competitor of X Factor 2018. Despite the numerous musical commitments, in fact, in recent years the young Capitoline singer-songwriter he never interrupted his studies: it allowed us – exam after exam – to reach the coveted laurel.

It was not the person concerned who gave the news of the completion of the academic career, but pap Alessandro: My biggest prize, he wrote on Twitter Monday with a photo of his son, smiling in uniform with a touch of order. More proud than ever, he also posted a shot in the company of his wife Sabrina Knaflitz. The caption is eloquent: The face of happiness? This. Son’s graduation. On the other hand, interviewed by Courier,
already in 2018 he declared: X Factor? His mission, he knows, is to finish college, but I’m happy.

That studying for Leo has always represented something important, however, is not new. In particular, two years ago the artist had spoken publicly about the professor Elio Sinisgalli, his philosophy teacher at the time of the classical high school: was one of the first guides, together with my parents, that I had in life – he said -. In the fourth year he was assigned to another school, but before he left he told us: “Always remember to seize the moment“. Then after three or four months he died in a car accident. Part of the degree, probably, will also be dedicated to him.

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