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On Saturday, January 28, the survey of Latvian Radio 2 “Muzikālā banka 2022” ended with a magnificent final show in Daugavpils Olympic Center, in which the title of the most valuable song of the year was won by the group “Citi Zēni” with the song “Lieka shtuka”. The song “Laternas” performed by the band “Sudden Lights” became the second most valuable song, while the third place was taken by “The Sound Poets” with the song “Pie vienas uņu”. Tonight, 15 compositions most loved by listeners and recognized by experts competed for the title of the most valuable song of the year.

“We didn’t promise any extra stuff, but love has to win at the end of the day,” said Jānis Pētersons, a musician from the group “Citi Zēni”, saying his words of thanks to the listeners and viewers.

After the final vote of the “Music Bank 2022” closing ceremony, the most favorite songs of the listeners ranked in the following order:

1st place – “Excess stucco” – “Other Boys”

2nd place – “Lanterns” – “Sudden Lights”

3rd place – “By one fire” – “The Sound Poets”

4th place – “Across the street” – Ivo Fomins, Tipa

5th place – “Bride” – “Bermudu Divstūris”, “Auļi”

6th place – “Muoseņa” – “Tautumeitas”, Renars Kaupers

7th place – “By the river” – Shipsea

8th place – “Your touch” – Don

9th place – “Year without a calendar” – “Brainstorm”, Asnate Rancāne

10th place – “Love smuggling” – MARCH

11th place – “Wonderful day” – Don, Roland Če

12th place – “What more do I need” – MESA

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13th place – “Where is the sun” – Aminata, Boo

14th place – “Golden shackles” – Darta Stepanova

15th place – “Let’s talk” – Miks Dukurs, Veiv

“It’s hard to even believe that we have already met for the 23rd time in the finals of “Music Bank”. This is a survey that inspires not only well-known musicians to improve and act, but also those who have started their musical career relatively recently. I wish everyone a creative and musically beautiful next season of “Musical Bank”, said Kaspars Mauriņš, director of Latvian Radio 2.

The final of “Music Bank” takes place in Latgale, and this is especially important at this time, when doubts are being sown about the values ​​embodied by Latgale. The gathering of the most popular Latvian performers in Daugavpils is a sign that Latgale is and will be one of the stars in the Freedom Monument,” said Anita Brauna, editor-in-chief of Latvian Radio, at the “Music Bank” award ceremony.

How were the songs ranked by the experts and the musicians themselves?

If only a panel of experts judged, then the first place would go to “By the river” performed by Shipsea, the second place to the song “Lieka stuka” by the group “Citi Zēni”, and the third place would be taken by the group “The Sound Poets” with the composition “Pie vienas uņu”.

On the other hand, the musicians themselves – the performers of the 15 most valuable songs of the final show – put “The Sound Poets” song “Pie jenas ugunsi” in the first place, “Lieka stuka” performed by “Citi Zēni” in the second place, and according to the musicians, Shipsea’s “Pie upes” deserves the third place “.

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It has already been reported that the most valuable song of “Music Bank” is determined in several rounds. In the first two rounds, the songs were evaluated by the “Muzikalā banka” expert council and listeners on the survey website www.muzikalabanka.lv. On the other hand, in the third, final round of voting, the results of the first two rounds and live telephone voting were summed up.

All finalists of “Music Bank” received specially designed commemorative awards. The author of this year’s award is the artist Armands Jēkabsons. The awards are a unique souvenir for the best and are created according to the concept of the final show.

About “Music Bank”

“Muzikālā banka” is a survey organized by Latvian Radio 2, in which listeners determine the most valuable and most loved domestic songs every year. “Muzikālā banka” is broadcast on Latvian Radio 2 three times a week – on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14.05 and on Saturdays from 12.00 Throughout the year, audience voting on the website www.muzikalabanka.lv determines the most valuable pop and rock songs of the week, month and year. Traditionally, the annual survey of the “Music Bank” ends with an ambitious awarding ceremony, in which the authors and performers of songs whose works are most appreciated by the radio listeners and the jury take part. This year, the survey is being held for the 23rd time.

The manager of the final show of “Music Bank 2022” was the actor of the Latvian National Theater Igors Šelegovskis. Author of the script – Marta Fabricius. Latvian Radio 2 director Kaspars Mauriņš and Latvian Radio 2 program manager Līna Rudzone worked behind the scenes.

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The director of the event is Zane Gargažina. Executive producer – Aigars Dinsbergs. Producer – Latvian Radio. LTV1 live broadcast director Arvīds Babris.

Previous winners of the title of the most valuable song of “Music Bank”:


“White Song”

Gunārs Kalniņš and Kristena


“Mirror, mirror”



“Heart Burns Unusually”

Lauris Reiniks


“You’re getting closer to yourself”






“Vysskaistuoka girls”

Borowa MC


“Rolling Stone”




Intars Busulis





“God Loves You”

Nikolai Puzikov


“Ave Pali”

Aya Andreeva and the other side





“Last letter”



“Get over the fear”



“Eat Winter”



“Heaven Fell Into You”

Brainstorm and Musiqq


“Next stop – depot”

Intars Busulis





“I would come home”



“Dancing Solitude”

Intars Busulis


“Where God’s Sleigh Glides”

Brainstorm and Tautumeitas

* In 2006, “Musical Bank” changed its format and the most valuable song of the year was not awarded. At the request of listeners, the survey returned in 2007 with a new scope.

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