Mutual insults between Reda Abdel Aal and Samir Kamouna after the Al-Ahly and Al-Masry match (video)

date of publication:
August 11, 2022 7:35 GMT

Update date: August 11, 2022 9:00 GMT

Reda Abdel-Aal, the former player of Zamalek, and Samir Kamouna, the former Al-Ahly player, entered into a mutual insult after Al-Ahly’s match with Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi in the Egyptian League, Thursday.

Reda Abdel-Aal said on the “Primo” program on the “TeN TV” channel: “What do I do, with me two idiots, (he means Samir Kamouna and Mahmoud Abu Al-Dahab), and Abu Al-Dahab asked him, “Who are the idiots! Abdel-Aal replied, “No, not you.”

Presenter Islam Sadiq asked the guest Samir Kamouna about the arbitration decisions, and he said, “The origin of the word does not change,” amid everyone’s laughter.

But after you, Samir Kamouna said, “I will not complete the episode. Reda is wrong with us. Abu al-Dhahab and I. We are not stupid, and if we are stupid, he is also stupid and he does not understand. This is a defect, and that is why he can’t help, he has a hundred faces.”

But after that, Reda Abdel-Aal, Samir Kammuna and Abu al-Dhahab appeared together, and Kammuna said that what happened was because the devil entered between us, and the presence of an eye, and this was caused by success, while Reda Abdel-Aal said, “Praise be to God, what happened so that we disgrace the eye for us.”

Samir Kamouna added, “The most important thing is that my intention is pure towards you, and you are my big brother, and I apologize to you, while Reda Abdel-Aal said, “No, I am the one who apologizes, we love each other in the first place, between us ten ages.”

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As for Abu al-Dhahab, he said, “The advantage in all of the talk is that the issue ends with its time and does not take long, and this shows the love between us, and we don’t have a chance for stalkers.”

Al-Ahly won 2-0 against Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, but the game’s director team did not return the canceled goal scored by Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, which sparked a great controversy, as the fans did not understand the reason for the cancellation, whether it was a mistake or infiltration.

Officials in the Egyptian television decided to refer the match directorate to legal affairs, due to the clip of Al-Masry’s canceled goal.

Al-Ahly opened the scoring from a penalty kick by Rami Rabia in the 81st minute, and Hossam Hassan doubled the score after exchanging the ball with Mohamed Hani in stoppage time.

Al-Ahly has 62 points in third place, three points behind Pyramids, who played more games, and Zamalek leads the standings, seven points behind Pyramids.

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