Mutua Madrileña offers over 3% gross returns for conservative investors

Mutua Madrileña has become one of the entities with the best and most attractive investment proposals for investors with a conservative profile. Given the few opportunities found today in the world of banking, with deposits with returns that barely reach 0.26% In new operations, according to data from the Bank of Spain at the end of April, Mutua is attracting savers with formulas both in the field of investment funds and in savings insurance. The profitability of its products is already between 3 and 4%.

Currently, the insurer has the Plus Fidelity Savings Plan III, life-savings insurance with a guaranteed gross return of 3% during the first year (the return net of expenses will be 2.50%). Subsequently, the entity will set the interest rate on a quarterly basis. This insurance can be taken out with a minimum initial contribution of 750 euros and allows additional contributions of the same amount to be made. With this new launch, Mutua is expanding its offensive towards more conservative savings, an area in which it has been increasing the assets managed by third parties extensively in recent months.

“In the last year, with the rise in interest rates, the demand for low-risk savings and investment products has grown by investors with a more conservative profile. At Mutua Madrileña we want to cover this demand with life-savings insurance such as Plan Ahorro Plus Fidelidad, which we began to market at the end of 2022 and of which we are now launching the third edition”, comments Marta León, director of Mutua’s life insurance area. Madrid.

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Insurance and funds vs. deposits

Plus Fidelity Savings Plan III, marketed by Mutuactivos AV, exclusive agent of Mutua Madrileña, is a new alternative to investing in Treasury Bills or bank deposits.

“This life-savings insurance guarantees the capital invested and an attractive return and includes a benefit for the death of the insured, in which case the beneficiaries will receive the existing savings at that time, plus an additional capital of 10% of accumulated savings at the beginning of each annuity (with a maximum of 1,200 euros). In addition, it is backed by the solvency of Mutua Madrileña”, adds León.

The new life-savings insurance marketed by Mutuactivos AV is taxed exclusively when a partial or total reimbursement is made for the income generated, which is considered income from movable capital. The death benefit is taxed by Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Investment funds for conservatives

In the field of fixed-income investment funds, Mutuactivos, the asset management entity of Mutua Madrileña, also has interesting proposals for savers with a conservative profile. Mutuafondo FI and Mutuafondo Corto Plazo present implicit gross returns close to 4%. In the case of Mutuafondo 2025 II, a fixed income of high credit quality, the implicit gross return reaches 3.7% and in Mutuafondo Deuda Española, which invests mainly in Spanish Treasury assets with a maturity of less than 3 years, exceeds also 3%.

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