Musk undermines Buffett: thanks to the Tesla of records he is the seventh richest in the world

MILANO – He recently celebrated the achievement of financial and market goals, with his Tesla, which unlocks a potential salary in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shares: a record, even for Wall Street. The satisfaction of taking the house of electric cars to the top of the manufacturers’ ranking, for the value expressed by the stock exchange, was removed. undermining the Japanese giant Toyota. But his race didn’t stop.

Elon Musk, the volcanic Tesla founder and galactic entrepreneur with SpaceX, has become richer than Warren Buffett. Overtaking certified at the closing of the markets on Friday by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, an index calculated by the financial agency that updates live with the quotations of the companies that make up the bulk of the assets of the Scrooges present in the ranking. The entrepreneur of South African origin has ousted the guru of Omaha, an iconic investor in star and strip finance and champion of long-term bets on companies capable of growing with measure but constancy.

Musk’s was a year of racing. Which is now in seventh place on the Scrooge index, sitting on a fortune worth 70.5 billion dollars. A leap of 43 billion in assets since the beginning of the year. The secret of its success has been the crazy acceleration of Tesla, whose shares on the Stock Exchange are worth more than $ 1,500 today after a 269% ride since the beginning of the year. A slice of his nest egg, worth about $ 15 billion, is explained with SpaceX.

With the Nasdaq capable of updating its historic highs despite these months of pandemic tragedy, it is not surprising to see that the top part of the ranking is now almost a single-color technology. He dominates Amazon’s Jeff Bezos with 189 billion, closely followed by Bill Gates at 116 billion. On the third step of the podium is Zuckerberg with 93 billion, then an incursion by Bernard Arnault with his French fashion empire which ensures him a capital of over 92 billion. Then the tech returns: Ballmer, Page and precisely Musk, who has put not only the Omaha oracle behind him, but also Sergey Brin, the Indian Ambani and Larry Ellison.

There is a consolation for Buffett, if a 69 billion man ever needs it. His relegation to the rankings is in some ways voluntary. In fact, the Oracle donated a package of shares of its Berkshire Hathaway, the company through which it invests and acquires holdings, worth 2.9 billion in solidarity initiatives, during the week. Since 2006, the total of these donations has amounted to over $ 37 billion.

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