Musk price seems to be high, which sparked the bitcoin craze

Musk, who sparked the bitcoin craze, “looks like high prices”
Foreign press “Acknowledged that Bitcoin’s market cap surpassed 1 trillion and the price surged

(Los Angeles = Yonhap News) Correspondent Yoon-seop Jung = Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, an American electric vehicle company that sparked the bitcoin investment craze, expressed an opinion that the price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be high.
Musk commented on the Twitter post of Peter Seef, a leading bitcoin skeptics and gold investment advocate, Reuters reported on the 20th (local time).
Musk said, “Gold is better than bitcoin and conventional cash,” Musk said. “Money is just data that avoids the inconvenience of bartering. Even so, the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be high.” said.
Reuters noted that “Musk said this when the market capitalization of bitcoin exceeded $1 trillion (about KRW 1,100 trillion),” said Insider, an economic media outlet, “Musk admits that the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be high. I did.”

Bitcoin has soared 350% over the past six months as investors have been rushing to buy, and it has risen 64% only in February.
On the 19th, the market cap exceeded $1 trillion for the first time.
Musk also ignited this bitcoin craze several times.
He publicly announced that he was a “Bitcoin supporter” on the 2nd, and Tesla sparked a rally by publicizing the purchase of $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin on the 8th.
Musk also made Tesla’s decision to invest in bitcoin on the 19th, saying, “holding bitcoin is less stupid than cash. When the real interest rate of the legal currency is negative, only idiots (bitcoin, etc.) don’t look elsewhere.” Defended.
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