Musk is late for Twitter, he wants evidence about falench t

Elon Musk (April 30, 2015)

| photo: Reuters


Musk wrote this on his Twitter account when he replied to another user. The American billion for the company in April offered about 44 billion dollars (a trillion K).

On Monday, he exchanged several tweets with Twitter Twitter Parag Agrawal, who tried to explain how his company fights against the dark. Agrawal thus wrote that estimates consistently indicated that according to such three were up to five percent of the total.

But at Monday’s Miami conference on technology, according to Bloomberg, Musk estimated that out of a total of about 229 million Twitterers, at least 20 percent were down. Skuten podl but according to Muska mon jet a lot of you. Musk said that he would rather pay me less than 44 billion USD for Twitter. According to him, Bloomberg wrote for a price.

When Musk made an offer to bid, the price per share of Twitter rose to about $ 54.20. On Monday, when the company questioned, the company’s price on the stock exchange fell by more than eight percent and fell below $ 38. Musk said at once that he wanted to put freedom of speech on Twitter and sounded stupid when Twitter blocked former US President Donald Trump.


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