Musician and photographer receive a New York grant from the city of Bern

The musician Pamela Méndez and the photographer Alexander Jaquemet received the New York grant from the city of Bern this year.

May travel to Brooklyn for five months from August: The Bernese singer Pamela Méndez.

Raphael Moser

Good news for the singer Pamela Méndez and the photographer Alexander Jaquemet: The two Bernese artists can travel to Brooklyn on August 1st of this year and use a studio of the Residency Unlimited organization there for five months. The presidential administration of the city of Bern announced on Monday.

The Erlach photographer Jaquemet has made a name for himself with black and white photos. In New York he wants to concentrate on his experiments as a painter. Pamela Méndez is looking for material for a third album in the US metropolis.

Jaquemet and Méndez are the first cultural workers to receive the scholarship in Brooklyn. The previous guest studio in Manhattan is no longer available after more than 35 years.

The city of Bern offers two scholarships in New York every year. Two cultural workers can each use an apartment and a separate studio for six months free of charge. There are also CHF 15,000 for travel and accommodation costs. The canton announces the New York scholarships in the other half of the year.

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Published: March 4th, 2019, 11:39 am

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