Musical Actor Hong Ji-min Reveals Her Life Story: From Pregnancy to Family Dynamics

Musical Actor Hong Ji-min Reveals Her Life Story: From Pregnancy to Family Dynamics

Reporter Kim Na-yeon | 2023.09.24 12:20

Photo = KBS 1TV Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together musical actor Hong Ji-min revealed his life story.

Musical actor Hong Ji-min appeared on KBS 1TV’s ‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together’ broadcast on the 24th and shared various stories.

On this day, Hong Ji-min revealed that she was pregnant with twins at the age of 47. He said, “After giving birth to two daughters, I became pregnant with twins and my family was in chaos. But I had a miscarriage. I think it was difficult because I was an old child. If the twins had been born, I would have been 5 years old now, and I think it would have been a blessing and a hardship. “he said.

She continued, “But I was so happy during my pregnancy that I wanted to get pregnant again. I didn’t have morning sickness and I could eat whatever I wanted, but no one said anything. I gained 28kg after pregnancy, but my husband said that he felt the same whether I gained weight or not, and his eyes were shaking,” she said with a smile.

Hong Ji-min also revealed that he has been living with his mother-in-law for 16 years. He said, “I suggested that we live together first. My mother-in-law lived with my father-in-law for 3 years and then suddenly passed away in an accident. My husband was born rich.” He added, “My mother-in-law is very nice and cooks well, and there is nothing left to forget. However, there are two owners in the kitchen. “It can’t happen,” he said meaningfully.

He said, “I used to be an amazing cook, but I’m not good at cooking. When I cook, my mother comes and points out my cooking. Also, I walk around with the lights on, and my mother keeps turning them off. But now, we live while acknowledging each other’s styles. “We are living harmoniously and happily,” he said.

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At the same time, he confessed that his 92-year-old mother was suffering from dementia. He said, “I originally thought he was far from dementia because he worked as a folk song instructor, but after being hospitalized due to a hip injury, he lost his job and developed dementia. He continues to sing from morning to night. The nursing hospital is filled with excitement when my mother appears. And “I keep smiling. I had a hard time because of my mom, but since last year, my family has stabilized, and now I’m at peace,” he said.

Hong Ji-min’s father is an independence activist. He said, “He blew up a train carrying Japanese supplies, and his dad was arrested during the independence movement and was released from prison. I think he inherited the DNA of responsibility from his dad.” He also revealed why he dreamed of becoming a musical actor. He said, “I dreamed of becoming a singer since I was young, and when I was in my second year of middle school, I saw a play and it was so amazing. I wanted to sing and act, but around the time I graduated, I saw a musical called ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ for the first time in my life, and one scene kept popping into my head. “It appeared in my dream. A professor recommended a musical, so I joined the Seoul Arts Group,” he added.

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