“Music is consumed so quickly that it will be necessary to see if it remains in the collective memory”


Carlos Sadness performs tonight in Gijón. / EC

Carlos Sadness Musician

The Catalan musician arrives today in Gijón, at the Luis Adaro fairgrounds, within his tour to present the album ‘Tropical Jesus’

As a tribute to the Depeche Mode song ‘Personal Jesus’, although it has little to do with it, Carlos Sadness -or what is the same, Carlos Alberto Sánchez Uriol (Barcelona, ​​1987) – has entitled ‘Tropical Jesus’ his latest disco, which walks through Spain, full after full, and that today arrives in Gijón from the direct Vibra Mahou, at the Luis Adaro fairgrounds (9.30 pm, all tickets sold).

-Is it beginning to be noticed that the stoppage of the pandemic is no longer such?

-The truth is that we were completely stopped for a short time, many concerts were canceled, but since everything started I have been around 60 or 70 recitals, which is not bad at all. They are concerts in other conditions and little by little the restrictions are eliminated, but we still need to stand up and occupy a larger capacity.

-During the confinement, music was a lifeline …

-People, in those months, sympathized a lot with those who generated entertainment content, from humorous tik-toks or dancing to music. It was a moment of rapprochement. I believe that it was seen that culture is not only for distraction, but is also a channel of emotions. And that’s why a lot of culture was consumed, there was a much-needed reunion with it.

-How has Carlos Sadness changed from the beginning to this fourth album?

-I think that seen from the inside it is difficult for one to notice the changes, you are making songs that move in one direction. The public, when they receive an album, perhaps they notice it more. I perceive it as an evolution, a progress. Everyone has their differences, but always starting from a way of understanding the world, composing and inhabiting the creative part that is deeply rooted in my way of being.

-It is related, a boat soon, with the music ‘buenrollera’ …

-There’s a little bit of everything. The ‘buenrollera’ music is the first sensation, perhaps because my best-known songs have positive messages and are brilliant, but on the album there is an amalgam of sensations. Some are sad and, although they have dance vibes, there is nostalgia. I like that everything has its reflective part.

-Music is no longer on CD. Do you place a lot of importance on social networks?

-I was already born musically in that context, I have never sold many records. I have not missed that income either. Most of my followers consume music online, and luckily the platforms have taken care of managing those benefits a bit. No one was winning with free downloads. Although it is true that for music on stream to make money you have to have many downloads.

-For many small groups it is not enough …

-It is true that these figures sometimes do not reach what a record sale supposed. But between that, the copyright, the concerts … everything is diversified and you do not depend only on an income.

-It is also given more and more importance to the image. Or is it like always?

-It is true that image and music go more hand in hand than before, all the consumption we do on the internet is very visual. Instagram or Tik Tok are very visual. In my case, I studied design, I take care of all the art on my records and it only comes out to give it a visual identity. Very young generations are very clear in this regard, they all want their image to be part of their musical project: they give it absolutely the same value as the content of their music. Evolution has taken us there. It has always been like this, but perhaps now it is true that he takes better care of himself.

-Is it easier or more difficult to make music since the record industry does not have so much weight?

-On the one hand it is easier, because you publish without having a record company behind it, without going through the ‘old school’ process, and you only depend on your talent. But, on the other hand, the amount of competition is much greater, which implies that each project has to stand out in quality and originality. And, just as there are songs from before that are going down in history for many generations of fans, now there is so much music and it is being consumed so quickly that it will be necessary to see if one ends up remaining in the collective memory.



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