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Instead: A Festival 2020/21. On-line. Open to all members. Open to every visitor. Anytime from March 1st, 2021 on the Internet: Now it is online, after a few hurdles. 28 members of the Würzburg Association submitted contributions, the remuneration of which should compensate a little for the lack of Advent concerts, New Year’s receptions and other “Muggen” at the turn of the year. We were simply overwhelmed by the quality and range of the contributions.

The topic was “Music in unusual times” and audio or video contributions of around 5 to 10 minutes could be submitted. The video contributions were in the majority, they were published on the youtube channel of the Würzburger Tonkünstlerverband and of course on its homepage.

Take a look: simply point the camera of your “device” to the QR-Code or call. The entire breadth of musicians in the Würzburg Association becomes visible – a few examples should be given to arouse your curiosity. There is:

• a cappella singing through the thorn forest in the monastery vaults
• Again and again anger and anger – not only about the lost penny – but also, for example, about non-working zoom connections …
• “Bach against Corona” on the cello
Improvisations on the first letters of the genome of COVID19 (C,G,TD,A)
• just beautiful, calm pieces that have worn and carried over time
• a death metal drum solo as an expression of anger, fear, anger
• poignant singing on the subject of “solidarity” in difficult times,
• Mozart, with whom it goes “Fresh to the fight!”
• Piano trio rehearsals in a completely different way (are also possible simultaneously in the kilometer-long triangle, but hurdles of various kinds must be overcome …)
• Silent film music too F.W. Murnau’s “Faust”, which is very topical with conspiracy theories and Faust’s impotence in view of the plague epidemic
• String instruments in snow and gardens
• Guitar greetings to Seville and “Todo cambia – everything is changing”
• “suddenly a lot of time” for the drums and the resulting piece
• Much more, for example on saxophone, harp guitar and from various ensembles

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It is advisable to take a look at it, perhaps especially in genres that are foreign to you. You can easily spend an entertaining evening in this “concert” and interactively change the order and selection of pieces at any time.

Nevertheless, we hope to catch up on our canceled presence festivals soon, with toasting champagne, listening-looking-feeling, eating together after the concerts. Finally there were school concerts again with shining eyes. Finally an audience again. Finally stage fright again. And the Latin simply says: fit!

Finally, we would like to name the supporters: The city of Würzburg has increased the cultural budget during these times, strengthens art and culture of all stripes with special programs, emergency assistance, additional support, for example for open-air projects in summer 2021 and much more. This festival would not have been possible without the help of the city of Würzburg.

What the local culture department has done for culture since the beginning of the pandemic and what will continue to be done: Chapeau!

The Free State of Bavaria also supported the project through the Bavarian Tonkünstlerverband. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to everyone for supporting this project, especially on behalf of the musicians involved.


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