Music for everyone in the Auditorium and on the street

Music is one of the great protagonists of San Mateo. The concerts at the Príncipe Felipe Auditorium, with a capacity of 70%, some 850 locations due to sanitary restrictions, began on September 3 by the hand of the mezzo-soprano María José Suárez and will last until the last minute of the festivities. Today, with the ‘official’ start of the festivities with the proclamation in the City Hall by Pelayo Díaz, the singer Juan Magán will delight his audience on this main stage, at nine o’clock at night. Tomorrow, at the same time, it will be the turn of the Andalusian Antonio Orozco, one of the great claims of this year and who has been hanging the ‘no tickets’ sign for days.

On Sunday, also at nine o’clock, another artist who started the sale of tickets at the head of the city will perform, the Asturian Rodrigo Cuevas, who will bring folklore to the Auditorium. On Monday, September 13, it will be the turn of the Asturian band Alberto & García and Staytons. Also in the Auditorium at this location, the final FestiAMAS Gala will be held on Tuesday.

Silvia Pérez Cruz will take the tables on Wednesday. After her, a day later, it will be the turn of the BAG Lyrical Gala of Great Tenors, with a radical change to flamenco on Friday with the Arcángel concert.

The Alaskan musical group, Fangoria, will give their concert with Nancys Rubias on Saturday at 9:00 pm, turning the Auditorium into a party. On Sunday the concert will also be joint. M Clan and Igor Paskual will offer their music to the public. The booming artist Ana Mena will be in charge of giving the penultimate concert, on Monday. The final touch is put by the duo made up of Marta and Marilia. Ella Baila Sola will close the paid musical offer with their songs.

But music will also set the streets at these festivals. The City of Oviedo Music Band will offer recitals in the squares of the Town Hall, the Cathedral and Spain during the days of the festivities, practically every day. There will also be folklore in the streets, located in the different parks of the city.



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