Music design Open Doors 2023 | Music design showcase

11:00 a.m.: Welcome & Teaser | Raum C304 + YouTube-Stream
11:30 a.m.: First semester highlights | Raum C304 + YouTube-Stream
1:30 p.m.: Music design project presentations | Raum C304 + YouTube-Stream
2:30 p.m.: Student projects | Raum C304 + YouTube-Stream
3:30 p.m.: Student projects (continuation) and AI | Raum C102 + YouTube-Stream
5:00 p.m.: Annual project interim presentations & teaser | Raum C102 + YouTube-Stream
6:00 p.m.: Multimedia sound installation | throughout the Hans-Lenz-Haus (no stream!)
8:00 p.m.: bed room creation – music design’s finest selection (DJ set) | Raum C102 + YouTube-Stream (Audio only)

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