Music, Camilo and a mustache for Seville



A cyclone in the shape of a ‘Dalinian’ mustache and sweet tongue is about to land in Seville. It is a phenomenon. Of the collaborations, which generate millions of reproductions around the world. Of the clothes, direct in some occasions from the wardrobe of his mother-in-law. Of the music and the masses. Of the love, to which he sings without complexes and from a truth typical of children. It is a recent phenomenon, since it began to take shape in 2018, but it was not until a couple of years ago that it has hatched and broken in Latin America and Spain. Camilo, just like that, is on tour. And at the Cartuja stadium he will perform next Thursday, September 16 at 9:30 p.m. after his visits to Barcelona, ​​Mérida and Granada. A form of leisure that was almost believed to be lost in the city is back. How to celebrate the pre-concert? With his music, of course. Through a Spotify list that will warm up your engines before your appointment with the Sevillian public.

The Colombian artist was born in Medellín in 94. As a child, he tried his luck on the television program Factor X. And he found it. He became known as a young man with an affable voice and landed in the industry with sporadic appearances in different series and a solo album; still with his last name after the name: Camilo Echeverry. Years passed, he composed songs, met his wife, lived and filled his music with that atmosphere that he transmits so well in the studio and on stage. Apparently close to hippie. Urban sound, but always carefree, almost beachy. With some reggaeton and a lot of pop. With cumbia, rhythm and a constant evocation of the Latin.

To date, he has published, in addition to that early adventure, two albums: ‘For the first time’ (2020) and ‘My hands’ (2021), which he is presenting in different Spanish cities. But his successes, in just two installments, have been more than notorious: ‘Favorite’, ‘Rich Life’, ‘BABY’, ‘Tutu’ … 24 million people listen to it every month on Spotify. Many more on television. And on Youtube. In all places, actually, for Camilo has quickly become an omnipresent artist. For some, overnight, although it is not entirely so. He is also the co-author of popular songs such as ‘If we were together’ by Bad Bunny and ‘Sin Pijama’, by Becky G and Natti Natasha.

The last ace up the sleeve that the Colombian had saved was in the collaborations. The discs, if they have not yet disappeared from the market, they have been blurred. That is why the songs of Camilo, a singer clinging to the time that he has had to live, have been splitting into singles, little by little, like a trickle. And those singles, often, were not with strangers or promises, but with other behemoths of this style that move people around the planet. Of all ages and genders. Everywhere. Who have you recorded with? Because with Ozuna and Selena Gomez, with Pablo Alboran too. With Farruko, Mau y Ricky, Shawn Méndes, Rauw Alejandro and with his wife, actress Evaluna Montner, to whom he has dedicated so much. Camilo

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