Museums, theaters, cinemas … Have places of culture reopened abroad?


When are places of culture going to be able to reopen their doors in France? Forced to close for many weeks because of the coronavirus epidemic, professionals in the sector, both cinema managers and museum directors, hope to be able to start resuming their activity soon. Because by announcing new restrictive measures on March 31, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had opened the door to the reopening of certain places of culture and the terraces of bars and restaurants from mid-May. In the meantime, some countries abroad have already taken measures.

Thus, in New York, some theaters have been accessible again for a week, but under very strict conditions: 150 people maximum in the room with compulsory mask and negative PCR test to be presented. The goal is for the Broadway lights to come back on completely in the fall.

Cinema authorized in Spain

In Barcelona, The Traviata was performed last December. There too, a gauge had to be respected, just like the wearing of the mask. And everything is done for the spectators to keep it on their face during intermission. The bars are closed in the room and the curtains remain open so that the spectators remain in their places and contemplate the change of scenery instead.

Also in Spain, cinemas are open. In the rooms, the mask is compulsory, and it is forbidden to eat popcorn. But for lack of films, 42% of cinemas actually kept their doors closed.

A few museums open in Berlin, but for how long?

In France, museums could be among the first to reopen, as they remain among the easiest places to control. In Germany, some were able to reopen under very strict conditions, such as in Berlin, at the Nationalgalerie, where it is impossible to enter without a negative test and without a ticket purchased in advance.

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“We had everything planned. We were tested at 10 am and we had booked the museum at noon”, explains Katerina, passing by in front of the museum, who is delighted: “It’s much better than when everything was closed”. And the visitors respond present. 30,000 tickets were sold in two weeks. “The joy of people, their impatience to see art in museums, all of this surprised us,” says the director of the German History Museum Raphael Gross. Be careful, however, everything could close again. In Berlin, the epidemic is starting again, and beyond 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, this pilot project in some museums in the capital will have to be stopped.

Australia benefits from concerts with its “zero covid” strategy

For concerts, we can cite Australia. But the context is very different, the country having opted for a “zero covid” strategy, and now only recording 10 cases of contamination per week. A month ago, the group Tame Impala was able to play in front of 10,000 people standing and without a mask.

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