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NEW YORK – In addition to electing to crucial positions like Mayor of New York City and Governor of New Jersey, voters will also have to vote on a number of state and local ballot measures.

The proposals in each state and what they mean:


Ballot Proposal 1: Redistricting and Redistricting

Voters will be asked to approve a number of changes to the state’s legislative redistricting process that is underway after the last census count. These proposals include freezing the number of New York Senate districts at 63, counting incarcerated New Yorkers by their last place of residence rather than where they are incarcerated, and making various changes to the congressional redistricting approval process and the state legislature.

Ballot Proposition 2: Right to Clean Air and Water

This measure would add “the right to clean air and water, and a healthy environment” to the state’s bill of rights. The change could help New Yorkers pursue legal action related to polluted air and water.

Ballot Proposal 3: Same Day Voter Registration

Voting “yes” on this proposal means that you want to remove the requirement that New Yorkers register to vote no later than ten days before the election.

Ballot Proposal 4: Unexcused Absentee Voting

The amendment would remove the requirement that voters provide a reason for absentee voting.

Ballot Proposal 5: New York City Civil Court

This amendment would expand the jurisdiction of the New York City civil court by allowing the court to hear and make decisions on claims up to $ 50,000. The current maximum is $ 25,000. The proposal only affects New York City, but the majority is presented to the entire state, as it is an amendment to the state constitution.


Public Question 1: Sports Betting

The amendment would allow wagering on all college sports competitions held in the state, as well as competitions involving New Jersey-based college teams. All of the above is currently prohibited, although sports betting is allowed.

Public Question 2: Non-Profit Gambling

This would allow New Jersey organizations to use the raffle money to raise funds for their own organization.

Early voting ends Sunday, October 31 in New York and New Jersey. General Election Day will be held on November 2, 2021.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There may be additional voting proposals at the local level in specific municipalities. These ballot measures are solely at the state level.



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