Murder Moise, politicians and businessmen summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PORT AU PRINCE, 10 JUL – After announcing the upcoming interrogation of the heads of the presidency’s security services, considered fugitives at the time of the attack that led to the death of President Jovenel Moise, the Haitian Public Prosecutor announced that wanting to hear on Monday the testimonies of some political leaders and entrepreneurs potentially involved, to varying degrees, in the affair.

The chief prosecutor of Port au Prince, Me Bed-Ford Claude, writes the newspaper Le Nouvelliste today, invited entrepreneur and political leader Reginald Boulos, former senator Steven Benoît, the former leader of the right-wing Haiti party to testify en Action (AAA), Youri Latortue, as well as entrepreneurs Dimitri Vorbe (located in the USA) and Jean Marie Vorbe.

Reached by telephone by the newspaper, the prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude explained that these personalities are called to testify in the investigation into the assassination of the President of the Republic Moïse, because some “have made public statements”, while for others “there are clues which lead to summon them “.

A total of nine people called to testify, including four senior presidential security officers.

The investigation, launched immediately after the killing of the head of state, quickly led to the location of the Colombian and American laborers of Haitian origin (28 people) considered the material perpetrators of the murder, while the mystery is still great regarding the objectives. royals and the instigators of the attack. (HANDLE).


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