Murals for awareness ‘Mental Health’

The unveiling of murals on the fence of the Lelydorp Sportbond took place on August 5th by the First Lady. This project was carried out by the Junior Chamber International Urban and aims to raise awareness about the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the goals is ‘Good Health and Well-being’, which also includes mental health, because that too is health. The First Lady welcomed this project and said that from the moment her husband took office, she had made a strong case for breaking the taboo surrounding mental health.

The First Lady commented on Mental Health: “People who are not mentally healthy cannot function well in society. That is why I am very happy that the JCI also pays attention to mental health. I love this project and it is always good when young people come together in social and educational associations to make a positive contribution to their environment and their country.”

The First Lady congratulated the organization on the initiative and said many more murals will follow because we need that awareness. It is not just about embellishment, she said, but about embellishment with a strong message.

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