Murad’s surprising words: Monika is probably not surprised!

While Monika Bagárová in his statement on the breakup with the MMA wrestler Makhmudem Muradovem stated that the couple suffered from many problems incompatible with building another common future, Mach did not seem to be able to face the break-up of the union with the beautiful singer!

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As the Slovak server writes, Muradov allegedly commented on the whole situation very surprisingly. Evil linguists claim that Murad’s new relationship is said to be behind the split in the relationship that gave rise to her daughter Rumia (1). Of course, the MMA wrestler with Uzbek roots denied this. But readers didn’t roll their eyes when they read that they didn’t feel the breakup was his fault.

It must be acknowledged that his statement puts him in a rather strange light. Wasn’t he the one who spent months in his home country, hundreds of miles away from his girlfriend and daughter, did his favorite sport and began to flirt with the idea of ​​entering politics, which is not very compatible with family life?

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